Back in the Saddle Again

It has been a very busy year, so please forgive me for not posting.
We planted more fruit trees and bushes and have started planning for raised rabbit and other creature proof vegetable beds. Hopefully they will be completed this summer.
The bees took a big hit this winter- we lost all but two hives, but we are going to keep on keeping on.
Many keepers also lost 1/3 to half of their hives so we are not alone.
Some also lost them  in the recent flash flooding.
But the Bonnets are back on! and  True keepers can't be kept down very long.
The floods and rains this Spring were epic, but they really benefitted the fruit trees and flowers so my blooms were tremendous this year. I will be posting some pictures shortly. I have also started a public instagram feed  for my black and white images and you can see some of them there at

Along with the flowers,  poison ivy is back too and the rains flushed out lots of snakes,
so take care while gardening out there. The deer have already moved through this year.  Sadly, I have not seen any skunks in a long, long while.. or opossums.. which is very bad since they eat ticks.
We have not seen many rabbits either,  and now we know that it is because there are lots of coyotes and there is a grey fox or two in the area since we heard it one night. BOY ARE THEY LOUD!! This is not our fox but this is what it sounded like only much much louder.. Take a listen..
More posts soon.