The Livestock Conservancy and Choices about Farm Breeds

 The Livestock Conservancy
 is a great place to start before you make choices about what  breeds of animals that you are going to raise. ""Ensuring the future of agriculture through the genetic conservation and promotion of endangered breeds of livestock and poultry"
The Livestock Conservancy (formerly The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy) is America's leading nonprofit organization working to protect nearly 200 breeds of livestock and poultry from extinction."

 Of the few animals that we have on our tiny farm; we have chosen to raise:
( click on the links  to learn about their conservation status or information)
 Chickens: we currently have Black Copper  Marans, Australorp,  leghorns who lay beautiful white eggs,  Dominiques and rumpless Auracanas and americanas .
We have had in the past; buff orpingtons, which are very tender and docile and rhode Island reds

Geese: we have African / Brown china Geese which are both on the Watch list. 
Rabbits: We have two mini Rex rabbits , one Black and one Torte. They are not threatened. 

 Ducks and Turkeys: In the past we have raised Mallard,  Rouen, and farm runner ducks,  and a white holland and bronze turkey 

 I am interested in one day aquiring  crevecoeur  and Spanish breed chicks. 
 I would like to raise The Blanc de Hotot. rabbit which is threatened. Perhaps in the future...
 and of course I would love a pair of jack's..  and a pineywood cow..  a choctaw pig  and  an irish  horse and maybe some  gulf coast sheep   
 or spanish or  fainting goats ... but we do not have the space or time.
Maybe you do?