September Update

The Yard is full of French Mulberry and Asters . Our passionflower vines have been thoroughly eaten by the gulf coast fritterary.. the butterflies and catepillars are everywhere. The Tibouchina are booming and the  Citrus are fighting leaf miners.
 We have let the garden  go and are watching the mountain mint and ageratum  take over along with the wild asparagus  goldenrod and poison ivy.. as well as the occasional  elderberry-
 and of course  the wisteria is going to probably devour the whole yard one day. it is such an invasive species.. but its blooms are so  magnificent. 
 Any blossom is potential bee  and other pollinator food. 
 The latest buckwheat  seed sown is  just about blooming and we are planning on planting clover and possibly wheat - will post picts if we are successful. 
If only we had just a little more rain.