On Signs and Rockers for Birdsongs

 Someone contacted me recently to ask when I had our sign made.
I laughed. I made it. I am after all an artist and craftsperson.
I designed it in Adobe Illustrator, printed it out,  scaled it to size by hand,  transferred it to the wood with carbon and graphite, carved it with my Dremel, and painted it with Sherman Williams to match the house.  Then I added the reflector bits on the hummingbirds and Clematis for a fun night time surprise.
It took me a while, but it is exactly what we wanted. 
Our sign on the house above the Irises.
The Front porch is really chilly right now , especially in the early dawn hours, but it is a great place to listen to the birds singing their songs at dawn and to the  wind rustle through the trees  on windy days.
You just might have to share your rocker with Lunis.
He is not always a morning person.