He Who Cuts His Own Wood is Twice Warmed

Although our yard is sometimes a tangled mess 
and we don't always know what we are doing.. 
Nature does. 
Despite  our efforts and inefforts.. 
the citrus trees did well this year,  
I think mainly due to the presence of the honeybees,
 and the placement of the goose ponds.
Louisiana Sweet Tree
with invading blackberries and grapevines
 But at least we took the advice
of the local county agent after Katrina
and planted citrus  to replace the fallen pines. 
I must admit, I was very content
to drink this delicious liquid sunlight 
in a glass that I had designed and blown myself.. 
I cannot cut my own wood.. 
I am not strong enough, 
and do not have a fancy cutting machine.. 
but I can grow and squeeze citrus 
and I can make a lopsided glass to drink it out of.  
Ah! Nature is wiser than I will ever be!
 Fresh squeezed Louisiana Sweet Orange Juice
 in one of my hand blown glasses that I made many years ago.