Dinner Tonight- Carrie's Curried Edamame Rice

Carrie's Curried Endame Rice ( no salt)
1 cup of Edamame shelled soybeans-( Fresh is nice, but frozen no salt is fine  and quick.)
6 green onions-  chopped.
2 large ginger roots sliced and  diced thin. (2tps for rice the rest (4Tbs?-)- for edamame)
Olive oil as needed
1 Tbs. curry powder
The juice of two lemons
Mango juice
Steamed rice ( I use Lundberg short grain brown rice, but you can use whatever you want. )

1-Steam rice with  2 tbs of fresh ginger in pan. Set aside when done.

2-In a cast iron skillet ( yeah-forget the steel,  I'm a cast Iron Magnolia ;)
Coat the pan with olive oil, sautee 1/2 the  endamame, add, green onions, ginger  until brown,
Add the rest of the edamame, and the curry.
Add rice (  1 cup is fine- more rice if you want it)
Sautee adding olive or other oil to keep from sticking..( you can use butter if you are not on a diet)
When its just about  well mixed and heated..
Add the lemon juice and stir,
Them remove from heat,
Spoon into bowl  and add 1/3 cup of mango juice