Incredible Light Show

The heavy systems full of wind and rain that moved through during the last few days also brought an incredible thunder and lightning show. It was wonderful.  The lightning bugs responded  to the approaching storm lighting in the distance at dusk and then the true show began when the system moved through. The  cats and geese hung out by the porch and the dogs jumped up on the bed until it had passed. It reminded me of the times when I was a little girl, and my Dad would pile us into the old Pontiac with some popcorn and coca-cola and drive us to the levee at the Lake. We would watch the storm  cross the lake,  or we would  watch lots of horizontal  heat lightning that would just light up the sky in a beautiful display in the distance, refelected in the waters of Lake Pontchartrain.
Nature is so incredible. So random and so powerful. Better than any movie I have ever seen.
 I wish that I could say that I photographed , or made a movie of the storms as i have done in the past..
(http://vimeo.com/9417338) but I just sat back and enjoyed it and reflected on how fortunate it was that  these storms had not been as destructive as other storms  that have moved through since we  have lived here.