Chester "Scooter" Cornwell III and his ladies

Here is a photo of Chester " Scooter" Cornwell III
with Zsa Zsa, Typo and Crystal in the background
Nadia, and her silvery grey ear tufts
with Scooter and Crystal in the back right
and Zsa, Zsa on the far left
 enjoy some strawberry tops and parsley stalks
Many of you who follow our blog will remember 
that we lost our beloved Buff Orpington Rooster 
"Sunny" during the freezing cold that we had a few years ago. 
Do to a very, very  generous gift from a friend
we have now a new  head of the henhouse.
Chester "Scooter" Cornwell III, 
a rumpless Auracana/ Cuckoo Maran.
His ladies are also Cuckoo Maran/ Auracanas 
So they are part "Pirate" transported Chilean 
and part  French Maran country hens that can 
evidently be traced back to Eleanor of Aquitaine's Dowry.
 They are young pullets and are not yet laying 
so we don't know what color their eggs will be yet. 
Cuckoo Marans are known for their incredibly dark chocolate colored eggs, 
and Auracanas for their light blue and green eggs..
 and also their ear tufts and whiskers!
They are doing well with Ms. Goldie, our remaining Buff Orpington, 
and Jackie O'Sparrow, our Americana.
To find out more about both breeds-
 Visit these websites:
Maran Club de France
 The Auracana Club of America